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The services offered by Deep Color Media can be broken down as follows

    • Consulation: Where your project is discussed and the needs of the project are determined and tailored to the budget
    • Filming: Where the event, commercial, or portfolio piece is captured at the highest possible quality with maximum coverage.

Some specialty video services incude:

Aerial video

Professional Lighting

HDR video

RAW Color information

Extreme Low Light video capture

and Super Slow Motion

    • Editing: Where the editor works closely with the client to make sure that their vision is realized in the finished product.
    • Colorist work is where Deep Color Media gets its name. By applying advanced coloring techniques with software used on major blockbuster films, Deep Color media colorists can produce accurate and stunning color really pops!



  • Delivery: Digital copies are sent to the client over the internet in a variety of formats to meet their needs. This makes for a quick and efficient delivery.
  • Archival: The raw footage and data for any project can either be given to the clent to store with their own method or there are a variety of in house storage options in case the client would like to reopen an old projects for changes and updates. The first three months of archival after a project is finished is on the house.